Friday, September 7, 2012

Deload week and moving forward

Deload week is always a mental challenge for me. I have to keep myself restrained to not lift heavy. I know this is the best thing for me but still have to fight the urge to smash. Deload also gives me a time to review what I am doing  and where I am going. I am currently fooling around with the idea of a hypertrophy phase for the next few months. Let's be honest bigger is better.

The following is from bodybuilder, philosopher who uses the pen name G-Diesel. I've read his work for years. I can honestly say this dude's writing may have saved my life. This post encapsulates a lot of my feelings and the path I choose to walk. I wish I had the ability to compose my thoughts in a similar way.

Entry #200
Just to remind them. Most of your days on this planet have been spent speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Reserved, kind, gentle, you spend as much time being conciliatory and self-deprecating as you do building yourself up. You show much care to maintain a low profile and avoid the spotlight, as you toil away in the shadows, chipping away at your masterpiece. In the electric bravado of your youth, you gained respect, you were lauded among your peers and from that grew a quiet confidence that needs very little watering and cultivation. Sure of yourself, you stand your ground with solid footing. You stand strong, happy to let the next guy blow his horn, eager to allow your neighbor the elbow room to spread his wings. Always ready to lend a hand, play your part and pay your dues, your reputation as a good guy is without dispute. This noble status, however, comes with a unique side-effect. After a time, the snakes in the grass, those who’ve long eyed your spot in envious guarded observation, their egos start to swell. They interpret your kindness for weakness, your pacifism for passivity, and they begin to take liberties. Their misguided arrogance growing by the day, they become comfortable. They think they’ve got you sized up and figured out. It is at this precise time, that certain men must demonstrate their might. They must lash out with much fury and fire. They must make an indelible impression. One free of equivocation and without reprisal, so that no doubt can remain. To restore the social order… To reinforce the food chain. To let the junk yard mutts know, that when push comes to shove, the big dog eats. This is the cycle of life. This is the nature of things. Some days a king must display the strength of the crown. Just to remind them.

Diary of a Madman

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