Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Funday

Last day of deload week and here is how it went: woke up an hour late, showered and went to the gym. Walked in to the gym and began talking to my little brother, he was finishing his stretching and looked tired. We talked about a couple things and then decided we would both take the day off. I don't think skipping the deload squats are going to hurt me.

Afterwards, I had my regularly scheduled massage. I have a great relationship with my masseuse. She believes in a lot of the new age things, energies and auras, etc.  My bi-weekly massage is good for both my mind and my body. We talk about our lives and offer each other advice. Today, she completely surprised me by pinpointing exactly what was bothering me. There may be something to that new age BS.
I have decided to add a couple of hypertrophy sessions in to my next phase of training. Really want to bring up the size of my arms, traps and quads. I'm going to throw in a couple 100 rep sets in over the next few weeks and see how I respond.

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